Transplant History #1

DHI Medical Group


Patient of about 20 years, who came to our clinic of Implante Capilar, looking for a solution for advanced hair loss.

Five months after his Direct Hair Implant procedure – DHI, the result of the restoration of the hairline could be observed successfully, without leaving scars in the donor area.


Transplanted follicles: 2,593

Implanted hair: 5,320

Norwood Scale: 3


Plotting Hairline Day of Surgery

Hair line is designed according to the type of Alopecia the patient has. One of the particularities of the DHI technique is that always provides a 100% natural appearance, therefore the frontal line of each patient has different forms.


Right Temple Day of Surgery

It is important to note that factors such as age, ethnic characteristics and asymmetry of the face influence the design line.

Left Temple Day of Surgery

We must be clear that no hairline is completely straight, which is why the DHI patented implanter allows our doctors to perform irregularities to achieve the result of natural appearance sought by the patient.


End of Surgery

Once the procedure is completed, our patients are able to return to their routine without the need for a prolonged recovery period.

Front View Day After Surgery

The implantation area has the required density of cm4, to achieve natural results.

With certain patients and depending on the degree of alopecia, it is not necessary to shave the entire head as we can see on the photograph.


Hairline and Temples Day After

The day after implantation, we can observe the formation of crusts in the treated areas. This is a sign of good healing and is normal in most patients. All crusts formed in this stage must fall within a period of 7 days.

Graft Extraction Area

The day after the procedure, the patient must wash the donor area. One of the advantages of our follicular extraction is that the instruments used have a very small diameter. This guarantees that no scars will be left in the area and the recovery process will be faster than with other techniques.


Hair Line Day 3

On the third day the redness of the implanted area is less, for the first time the patient will wash his head completely. It is important that this be done gently so as not to hurt the implanted follicle.

Donor Area Day 5

As in the implanted area, the reddening of this extraction zone has already decreased diametrically, we can even see that the hair has begun to gain its original length.


Hairline 10 Days Post OP

At this point the redness has almost completely disappeared. We can notice the growth of hair in its anagen phase.

Left Temple 31 Day Post OP

If the implanted hair starts to fall. Do not worry! This is totally normal. You have started a period known as the shock phase.

This is a natural process within the different phases of hair growth and takes an approximate time of 4 months.


Donor Area 31 Days

A month later, there are no races of any procedure in the donor area. In fact, the patient can already have haircuts.

Left Temple 3 months Post OP

Four months later the patient has already begun to overcome the shock phase, it can be noticed that the hair starts to gain density and the different areas can be noticed more populated. 


Hairline 4 months Post OP

At the sixth month the patient will noticed a radical change in his appearance, given that he has 50% evolution of the procedure. At this stage, most areas are covered and it is almost impossible to notice that a hair restoration has been carried out.

Final Result

The expected results have arrived! One year later, the extraction and implantation areas are totally covered by the natural growth of the hair and we can observe a 100% natural hair line. The implanted hair will not fall and will grow for life.


Hair Loss

Here at DHI Global Medical Group we recognize that the correct diagnosis is the basis for a successful and permanent treatment. We are the best hair restoration clinic in Panama.

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