Beard Transplant History

DHI Medical Group


Patient has low density and areas where facial hair does not grow entirely. We can notice that his cheeks need to be restored by implanting hair. In the case of this patient, an average of 3,500 to 3,800 is diagnosed.

This procedure can be done in one day session.


Beard Design

As you can see in these photos the design for the transplant is draw with the most natural look. Maintaining irregularities when designing the line. It joins the area of the chin and the mustache with the cheeks.


After the Procedure

The minimally invasive technique of DHI allows the patient to recover quickly. One day after the procedure, the sequelae of the implantation are beginning to disappear.

3 months later

The patient is beginning to overcome the shock phase, a process in which the implanted hair falls irregularly as part of the natural process of the follicle. The implanted areas are seen with more hair but not dense enough yet.


10 months later

A radical change in all our patients can be seen from the sixth month. In these photograph the patient is in his tenth month of progress, considered approximately 80% of the final evolution of the procedure.

Hair Loss

Here at DHI Global Medical Group we recognize that the correct diagnosis is the basis for a successful treatment. We are the best hair restoration clinic in Panama.

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